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An extensive list of high quality supplements we can create
Contract Manufacturing All CBD Products When ever new products come available, we are the leading manufacturer to produce these ready for you to sell. CBD products have been on our radar since 2014, and many hours of negotiation with EU growers and extraction companies, sealed us a deal with them to contract manufacture, and 2018 has seen a huge rise in demand for our production services for branded and white label CBD products. CBD Oil, Contract Manufacturing CBD, cbd vape juice, White Label CBD Oil, branded CBD Products, CBD wholesale We Offer: 1) Ready to sell, branded CBD Oils in 10ml and 20ml bottles 2) White Label 3) CBD Oil flavour mixing and filling 4) Contract manufacturing of your own oils 5) CBD Soft gel production (minimum 50k) 6) CBD skin balm production 7) CBD Vape juice 8) Adding CBD to your own vape juice flavours 9) Bottle and pot filling service 10) Label design and high quality printing service 11) Full product labelling service. 12) CBD extract bulk for your own production 13) C of A and test certificates 14) Filled in GMP facilities 15) Very short lead times 16) Best quality and prices 17) Ship direct to Amazon on all products  Contact Us today and have your supply in just a few days – paul@goldstarherbals.com All of our CBD is grown organically in the EU, without the use of pesticides to insure we have the best commercial hemp oils. Powerful and gentle Supercritical CO2 extraction gives the purest CBD oil for us to make you the best products at all times. To meet our high quality standards, we work with the most qualified and best-equipped analytical laboratories that test and monitor every stage of CBD production and the final product. All of our growers products undergo continuous and rigorous quality assurance with verification as well as short - and long - term stability checks. This ensures the consistency of the products and production compliant with GMP conditions.
CBDOIL3% CBD Oil 300mg 3% (Cannabis Oil) Liq 10ml
CBDOIL5% CBD Oil 500mg 5% (Cannabis Oil) Liq 10ml
CBDOIL10% CBD Oil 1000mg 10% (Cannabis Oil) Liq 10ml
CBDOIL15% CBD Oil 1500mg 15% (Cannabis Oil) liq 10ml
CBDOIL20% CBD Oil 2000mg 20% (Cannabis Oil) Liq 10ml
CBDCAP Soft Gels 30mg Soft Gels Caps 30's
CBDBalm 1000mg CBD Balm Cream 30ml
CBDOIL3% CBD Oil 300mg 3% (Cannabis Oil) Liq 20ml
CBDOIL5% CBD Oil 500mg 5% (Cannabis Oil) Liq 20ml
CBDOIL10% CBD Oil 1000mg 10% (Cannabis Oil) Liq 20ml
CBDOIL15% CBD Oil 1500mg 15% (Cannabis Oil) liq 20ml
CBDOIL20% CBD Oil 2000mg 20% (Cannabis Oil) Liq 20ml
CBDOIL1% CBD Vape Juice 100mg 1% (Cannabis VG/PG) Liq 10ml
CBDOIL3% CBD Vape Juice 300mg 3% (Cannabis VG/PG) Liq 10ml
CBDOIL5% CBD Vape Juice 500mg 5% (Cannabis VG/PG) Liq 10ml
CBDOIL10% CBD Vape Juice 1000mg (Cannabis VG/PG) Liq 10ml
CBDOIL15% CBD Vape Juice 1500mg 15% (Cannabis VG/PG) liq 10ml
CBDOIL20% CBD Vape Juice 2000mg 20% (Cannabis VG/PG) Liq 10ml